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L.F. Lowenstein

25 April 2007

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Dear Friends,

You will be pleased to note that after a considerable period the book dedicated to parents who have suffered from alienation problems and most of all the children who have suffered from alienation problems, has been published.

Details are:

Title Parental Alienation - How to understand and address parental alienation resulting from acrimonious divorce or separation
Author L.F. Lowenstein
Year of publication 2007
Publisher Russell House Publishing, Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK
ISBN 978-1-905541-10-2

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The book “Parental Alienation” ISBN No: 978-1-905541-10-2 was put forward by an extremely kind and humanitarian Managing Director who was encouraged to give the issues of PAS a full airing. As I have already mentioned earlier, all royalties from the book, should there be many, will go to helping parents such as yourself and your children in future. The book can be ordered through any bookseller but it may be more useful to order direct from the publisher either by telephone, fax or from the website all detailed above.

I am very happy at this time in my life, as I am now 78 to help improve humanity and most especially the future of children who have been caught up in the web of parental alienation and are indeed suffering, and will continue to suffer, until the courts and the politicians listen to the cries of children and the concerns of their parents who have been ostracised and alienated. As you are likely to be one of these parents the book is aimed at your plight and your continuing struggle to change the situation. What we have to keep in mind is that while we fight to change the situation we will not be beaten. The important thing is to continue until we have a better solution to the problem of children who are alienated and brainwashed. This may come little by little but it will come with continued pressure. This is of even more importance in this day and age when families are considered a thing of the past. Children are born out of wedlock more than in wedlock or family situation, and families are more than ever split and divided, and relationships are strained between the parents. Acrimony and possession are the name of the game. This needs to be stopped if children are not to be damaged and used as pawns between the opposing factions. There is enough warring in the world over race and religion. Let us not add to it in the West by alienating fathers, mothers and children.

I have already made several efforts to get the British Psychological Society to accept the terms Parental Alienation and Parental Alienation Syndrome. They have been reluctant to do so despite my efforts. The matter was considered recently by the Society’s Professional Practice Board but the decision made was not to support it. Anyone else who would like to take on this important task to give credence to the term of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is welcome to join the battle to do so. The more we talk about it the more it will be recognised. Wider discussions might establish linguistic usage. I myself will continue to pursue the matter with the BPS as well as worldwide with my writing.

I owe a great deal to the parents who helped me write this book. If it helps even one parent in due course, and they are reunited with their child/children I shall be happy. I will continue my work in relation to these problems and will continue to go to court for parents who need me to do so and will do my very best to help them and their children.

I would very much welcome you spreading the word about the book and particularly concerning the very kind and public-minded Managing Director of this publishing Company who has gone out on a limb to publicise a situation which not many publishers wanted to do or would have done. So with this kind of help we continue to spread the word and try to convince others that this problem is REAL, PAINFUL AND NEEDS ADDRESSING. It is to his credit as well as those parents who have contributed to the book that I would like to continue working for you and on your behalf.

With all my best wishes,

Best regards

Dr. Ludwig Lowenstein

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