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L.F. Lowenstein

29 August 2006

Dear visitor of,

I am so pleased that you are able to contribute your views to the survey we have put together. This survey is for the purpose of drawing attention to the plight of parents such as yourself be you a father or mother. The problem of parental alienation and parental alienation syndrome is worldwide and has brought considerable tragedy to many parents, and eventually also their children who have suffered in the short, and even more, in the long-term.

I thank you from the heart that you have contributed to this survey and would like to let you know that a book is to be published, probably early next year, on the subject of parental alienation and parental alienation syndrome based on the articles that are on the Internet at present. Of course we'll inform you when this happens.

I am hoping that as a result of your survey and your contributions to it, along with the book, attention will be drawn to the injustices currently being meted out by the judiciary worldwide. For instance, only accommodating supervised contact when this is not necessary, is not just and to me the height of humiliation for the non custodial parent. Many a parent has lost contact totally or has been humiliated by what he/she has had to face in the court. Let us hope we will do something to change the future for other parents and perhaps it is not too late for yourself also. Again I should like to reiterate should any of you wish to contact me by telephone or email, as some of you have already done, please do so.

We have also added four new articles on our website that you may be interrested in:

Article number 42 "Real Justice for non custodial parents and their children"
Article number 43 "When is it not a case of PA or PAS?"
Article number 44 "My experiences in Courts of Law dealing with parental alienation cases"
Article number 45 "How Can Mediation be made to be Successful in Serious Family Disputes? (Solving intractable hostility between former partners in contact disputes)"

Please visit our website to read them.

If you know others who are suffering from the effects of parental alienation and who may want to contribute to our survey, please feel free to forward my mailing and suggest to them to add their e-mail address to our mailing list.

If you have not taken the survey yourself but would like to do so, please click here to take it directly or you may want to visit our website first.

My very best wishes to you now and in the future.

Best regards

Dr. Ludwig Lowenstein

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