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L.F. Lowenstein

13 March 2006

Dear visitor of,

Thank you for joining our mailing list and sharing our interest in parental alienation. Our mailing list is growing continuously; it is a mindblow to the imagination! It strengthens my opinion that parental alienation is a world wide phenomena that hits children, mothers and fathers. I receive a lot of reactions from you through my website and I would like to thank you for your expressed interest. Recently we have added a guestbook to our website to give you the opportunity to leave a brief resume of your personal experiences on parental alienation. Please feel free to use this and share your experiences with all of us. Your privacy in the Guestbook will of course be respected.

We’re pleased to inform you that two of my articles have been published in the Journal of Parental Alienation. In the January/February issue of 2006 my article of “Overturning the programming of a child” was published as a front page article, and my article of “Signs of Parental Alienation Syndrome and how to counteract its effects” was published in the March/April issue of 2006. The Journal of Parental Alienation can be downloaded at and it contains various publications of interest to you.

My latest article deals with the “Parental Alienation Due to a Shared Psychotic Disorder (Folie a Deux)” and is now available on my website as article number 41. This is a controversial article the course of which goes counter to most current judicial decisions and other psychologist’s views. At present severe alienation of a parent results not in reversal of this situation via mediation. Courts and Judges often allow alienators of children to benefit from their action in preventing good contact with a child. This is due to the fact that it is difficult for Judges to remove children from the programmer without receiving bad publicity from society. The view that it is best for both parents to rear a child is sidelined much as the alienated parent. The author recommends destroying the ‘folie a deux’ pathological relationship of the child and the alienator by removing the child either to the alienated parent or an independent party while the child is being provided with therapy and has contact with the alienated parent. At the same time efforts will eventually be made for the child to be in contact with both parents once the therapy has been successful.

Please visit my website at to read my new article (article 41).

We are now setting up our website for our worldwide survey on PA and PAS. We are aiming to gather evidence via a survey of professional experts as well as from non custodial parents to obtain real evidence as to the percentage of success or failure of current acceptable methods to bring about contact. The survey (questionnaire) seeks to obtain for the first time, objective evidence as to whether the current recommendations lead to direct positive contact between the absent parent and the child following indirect and supervised contact as stepping stones to full contact.

If you know others who are suffering from the effects of parental alienation and who may want to contribute to our survey, please feel free to forward my mailing and suggest to them to add their e-mail address to our mailing list. We will inform you as soon as we launch our survey.

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Dr. Ludwig Lowenstein

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