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L.F. Lowenstein

25 January 2006

Dear visitor of,

Thank you for your continued interest in parental alienation and our work on how we address this feature. I hope that following my last mailing you enjoyed your Christmas holiday. May I wish you a happy New Year in which I hope for you that you will be reunited with your child(ren). If you are so fortunate, please let me know your story.

During the Christmas season I have been working on two further articles on the parental alienation:

"The Psychological Effect of Modelling (Imitation) on Parental Alienation” and

"The Psychological Assessment and Treatment of Pathologically Induced Alienation
(Dealing with alienation leading to an induced phobic reaction)

The first article (number 39) contains two interviews and shows firstly how alienation towards an absent parent, after an acrimonious parting, can be prevented. This leads to a significant benefit for the child/children who could be, and often are, caught up in the acrimony between the parents. The second interview shows the resistance of a parent and how to prevent that parent programming a child against the other parent. This is often carried out via modelling and classical conditioning by the custodial parent.

The second article (number 40) approaches parental alienation syndrome as it is experienced by children from a different perspective. Parental alienation may be likened to the promoting of a phobic reaction towards the alienated parent. Certain strategies or therapies are therefore suggested for treating a child who has developed both a fear and hostility towards the alienated and absent parent. Two forms of treatment are suggested. The first is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. The second is a number of Behavioural Therapy approaches including exposure and flooding in regard to the feared alienated parent.

Please visit my website at to read my new articles.

We are still working on our worldwide survey on PA and PAS. We are aiming to gather evidence via a survey of professional experts as well as from non custodial parents to obtain real evidence as to the percentage of success or failure of current acceptable methods to bring about contact. The survey (questionnaire) seeks to obtain for the first time, objective evidence as to whether the current recommendations lead to direct positive contact between the absent parent and the child following indirect and supervised contact as stepping stones to full contact.

If you know others who are suffering from the effects of parental alienation and who may want to contribute to our survey, please feel free to forward my mailing and suggest to them to add their e-mail address to our mailing list. We will inform you as soon as we launch our survey.

Best regards

Dr. Ludwig Lowenstein

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