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L.F. Lowenstein

23 December 2005

Dear visitor of,

These are difficult times for you. At moments like these you will most likely be confronted with the loss of celebrating Christmas with your child(ren). You will feel the pain and this will make you feel sad beyond belief.

Perhaps it is good to realise that you are not alone.

There are many parents like yourself who miss their children as much as you do. There are even more children who are deprived of a loving relationship with both of their parents. It is a miserable thought that this can not be solved over this Christmas... after all it was Dr. Gardner who brought Parental Alienation into the spot light back in 1982... and still mankind has not solved this for the sake of the children... still officials are blind and deaf to the effects of this kind of child abuse...

So we won't be able to change this overnight and we can not solve this over Christmas...

but please don't let it ruin your Christmas! You may want to consider taking a different approach. Remember your child(ren) but try to take some distance from your sorrows by celebrating Christmas with your other loved ones. Enjoy their love and presence and try to avoid being preoccupied continuously by your sadness; it may give you some peace of mind and it may make you stronger and able to resist the further humiliations that no doubt will lie ahead for you!

A parent who contacted me through my website expressed his/her feelings to me in the following words: "I have been deprived of enjoying my relationship with my child, but he/she [the custodial parent] won't deprive me of enjoying my Christmas with my family!" He/she will go on a brief holiday with a new family, switch off the mobile phone and take time out. This is the right thing to do and I hope that this approach may inspire you.

Rest assured that I will continue my work next year to support the sufferers from parental alienation (parents and children!) in their quest for justice. As a result of my stand, believe it or not have been victimized but I will not elaborate on this but will continue to fight for parents who have been unjustly denied their moral and lawful right to positive contact with their beloved children.

To give that a meaning, the first publication from my hand in 2006 will be "Real Justice for non custodial parents and their children" and the Launch of a survey to determine the worldwide problem of parental alienation and its effects.

As a last act of the present year I have just published two further articles on the internet. These articles cover recent research on the subjects of "Dealing with parental post-separation conflicts" and "Understanding post-divorce conflicts and how to resolve them". Please visit and select articles 38 and 39 for their content.

Please feel free to forward my e-mail to others you know who suffer from parental alienation. These may include your parents, friends, colleagues and hopefully they make take comfort from my e-mail or my articles and publications on my website.

I wish you a peaceful and merry Christmas and a happy and better New Year,

Best regards

Dr. Ludwig Lowenstein

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